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    Read to Me, ... Please!

    First Book Events:

    Next Event - March 2, 2008 - First Book Speed Read - 2 PM ABQ Uptown

    Sept. 19, 2007-4:30, Expo NM First Book Speed Read Event - State Fair

    Nov. 17, 2007-4:30, ABQ Uptown -First Book Speed Read Event

    Annual Día del Niño - April 28, 2007, NHCC 1-5 PM - Hands-on arts, games, bookwalk, free raffles and performances!

    April 20, 2007. City's 1st Annual Día del Libro - Civic Plaza.

    Look for upcoming First Book Speed Read Events.

    Feb 15-March 31, 2007 ABEC book Drive. contact Paula - 767-5849 mail

    March 31, 2007 First Book Speed Read @ Isleta Pueblo - Old Elementary School. 4 PM (canceled)

    First Book ABQ is looking for board members and children to give books to and donations. Volunteer. Contact us at mail (join us at our next meeting).

    We've had 2 great First Book Speed Read competitions. Click here to sponsor the Speed Readers.

    Contact us at alb@firstbook.org (272-9532)

    In collaboration with the opening (moving) of the Borders Book store to Uptown, the local advisory board - First Book Speed Read event on November 11, 2006.
    First Book Donation to ARCA - October 2006. With a Speed Read.

    Look for the ABEC Read to Me section at the NM State Fair Kids Pavilion - September

    Book store Events:
    UNM Bookstore, Borders

    Calendar Events: - International Book Day, September
    - Bandelier Book Fair, October

    Post an event.

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