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    Positive News:

    Positive Affirmation to help your child grow:
    Examples of what words to replace for negative words:
    Don't Forget - Replace with : Remember
    No legs - without legs
    They don't mind, they're okay with
    You can't hide - unable to hide
    Do not go .. - never go, stay away from
    Don't like - dislike or abhor
    It is not a snail - This is different than a snail,
    Skip over negative, unnecessary, repetitive phrases.

    Not afraid of - brave
    We didn't have much, - We were with little. - Or - We never had much.
    Were not able to receive. - Unable to
    They didn't want children. - They refused or never wanted children
    Police did not help. - Police refused. Police unhelpful
    Do not say a word. - be silent please.
    Would not send. Never sent.
    No other children - Only child, - or without other children.
    Didn't seem nervous - never seemed nervous.
    She no longer wanted to go., - She wanted to stay.
    I didn't stop. I kept going, or I never stopped.
    I wasn't talking. I was silent. -
    They don't know what they do. - They are unaware what they do.
    Put everything in a positive spin.
    Replace: "Can't" with "I am unable to ..."
    Replace: "no" with "Never"
    dont forget - remember
    dont ask - never ask
    Which was something the grinch couldn't stand in the least - Unable to (cant'/hadn't)
    not more then two - less than two
    tree that won't light on - broken
    wasn't sad - happy or different
    Christmas doesn't come from a store - never (didn't)
    there was no answer, without an answer.

    Read to your kids 15 minutes a day and they will grow.

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