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    Read to Me, ... Please!

    Studies show reading to your child at least 15 minutes a day will prepare them for school.

    I Read Aloud . Com shares experiences in education to strengthen families & rapidly prepare young readers.

    The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease is a wonderful research for all families. This site uses many of the techniques encouraged by Jim.

    When to start reading: Read to child from the time of conception. Read to the womb. This really works. It helps the child to hear your voice (mother & father). It helps you train yourself to schedule reading time to the learning child.

    As the toddler grows, continue scheduled reading times. Before nap, before bed time, when they awake, before snack, after snack. All or as best meets your schedule. Parenting skills & scheduling will help your child. You will notice your daughter or son will have favorite books/stories for you to read. They will grab them from their book shelf.

    Other ideas:

    Have a reading party.

    Record your little one's reading.

    I Read Aloud to my Kids. And they love it. They love me.

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